Showtime: Kaj og Margits Salon

Kulturhus Vendepunkt Højbjerg friday 29.10.21 kl. 19.30.
Tickets. 21767311.

Kulturhus Dyreborg v/Fåborg friday 5.11.21 kl 19.30
Tickets. 30114870.

Gl. Station Hirtshals friday/saturday 19.11-20.11.21 kl 19.30
Tickets. 60669032

Kaj og Margits Salon


En musikfortælling om Scener fra et ægteskab. Der veksles mellem sange, den personlige fortælling , det sceniske og musiske udtryk, Der tales i munden på hinanden, ved siden af hinanden, simultant hvor begge er hørbare for dem, der lytter og for den anden. Der er parallelhandlinger, hvor hver af dem spiller deres kort, som viser ,hvor meget de er på hver deres planet. Men i lige så høj grad på samme planet, når de spiller og synger hinandens sange. De ydre rammer har cafe karakter. Publikum sidder ved små borde og blir serviceret inden forestillingen og i pausen. Det hele varer to timer.

About Otto


Our show OTTO is about an elderly couple Niels and Marie who for many years had wished  for a child, but they  never succeeded. In the beginning of their marriage they lived happily together on a little farm with a pig, a cow, a horse, some hens and geese and a cat.

As time passes by the gab between them grows bigger and bigger. They don’t kiss or dance nor go for long walks like they use to do when they met and fell in love.

In order to find out why they cant get a child they go to the doctor and and  the priest. They allso go to the wise old woman who grows cabbages down by the riverside. But not even she can help them.

Then one day Niels comes home from the forest with a piece of wood which has a face that looks like the face of a child. In the eyes of Marie it’s the child she had allways  wished for. She starts treating him as if he was a real baby. Feeding him, giving him breast. She offers him all they have.



An intimate play about communication. Unusual conversations, absurd and nevertheless recognizable. Theater morgana and Catherine Poher present our difficulties with communicating together, with a physical and visual expression.



Theatre Morgana´s new performance, “Wheelspins and Balloonflight” spreads its wings like a glorious, white swan, with delightful zest and a joy for life. In a black and white circus universe the artists, Margit Szlavik and Kaj Pedersen, mime together through a series of numbers and sketches, culminating halfway through, when sixteen balloons are stretched out like a string of white pearls – we are transfixed in a breathtakingly beautiful passage…

Kirsten Dahl – “Aarhus Stiftstidende”.

Theatre Morgana are pure modern circus theatre with all the touching, extrovert clownery that is typical for this genre. With fabulous, entertaining movement, mime, and robust artistry, the two performers guide us through one tragic-comic situation after another. Employing the whole registry of emotions – comic, tender and skillful – they perform in a ping-pong, pantomimic style between the two characters: the self-confident circus director and his new star.

Randi K. Pedersen – “The Children´s Theatre Paper”.


Photographer: J. Sejr

There are many ways to approach the subject of foreigners.  Theatre Morgana have chosen to use mime and the universal language of the clown. Their starting point is the story of the tower of Babel, from which they have created an absurd piece of poetic theatre. The form is light and clear and communicates directly with a child´s sense of humour and fun (and to the “childish” in us all!). On a more serious note, a touch of sadness is introduced in the melodic dream sequence, played in a minor key. And a sharply-profiled piece of “rough” theatre, appeals to our sense of justice and indignation.

Kirsten Dahl – “The Children´s Theater Paper”.

The Sadeyed Umbrella Lady


“Here you will see a small universe of fairytale. All figures are dressed like poetic clowns. Sweet and cheerful figures in series of incidents.
Here you will find an atmosphere like in a circus, transformation- and disappearing acts, lottery in a wheel of fortune with giant prizes and imaginative bicycles.
And you will find classic fairytales transcribed in a funny way, with princesses, kisses and dangerous sea.
The actors Mr. Kaj Pedersen and Mrs. Margit Szlavik are creating a sensitive note of childish simplicity and impulsive fantasy. A performance filled with pleasure and joy.”


Photographer: J. Sejr

The storyteller  knows her tales by hearth and everything is as it use to be until the bookkeeper one day passes by and takes a bite of the apple.
The bookkeeper is taken in by the tales of the storyteller. He is seduced into a world full of characters from fairy tales and mysterious changes. All of a sudden he is dancing with Snowwhite, then he turns into a dwarf, then a complete nutty and when he meets Little Red Riding Hood he simply turns into a wolf.
Seduction and change of life do not only exist in fairy tales.
Come and take a bite of the apple -if you dare!